The XVII edition of Belleza y Salud trade show concluded successfully

8 de octubre de 2018

  • Successfully concludes the most important celebration of Colombia around the diversity of beauties with more than 64,000 visitors registered in 5 days of fair.
  • Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Andorra, Bulgaria, Peru and Mexico, are some of the countries participating in the XVII edition of the Belleza y Salud trade show.
  • 2 days of business scheduling and 657 appointments made between 156 exhibitors and 43 international buyers. 

Bogota, Colombia. October 8 of 2018.- The XVII edition of Belleza y Salud, the most important scenario in the integral care sector in Colombia, has successfully concluded. In five days of the fair, more than 64,000 visitors gathered to celebrate the diversity of the beauties and learn about the latest developments in the sector, participate in seminars specializing in aesthetics and body care and carry out business agendas.

"We continue to consolidate ourselves as the largest and most important stage around the diversity of beauty in Colombia. For five days we had scenarios of updating and academic preparation for our professionals and extensive programming to keep abreast of the latest trends in haircutting, hair and makeup for men and women", said Marcela Sanchez, project manager of the fair.

A kit that leaves hair straight for five months, keratin vegan, water with collagen, imperfections eraser, a mobile device to whiten teeth and the latest trends to care for the beard, were some of the novelties that were known at Belleza y Salud 2018. 

"We participated for the first time in the trade show, because we considered Belleza y Salud as the best platform in Colombia to bring Oh Withe, the teeth whitening kit to use in the comfort of the house (...) We had several important meetings during the fair and we are convinced that by 2019 we will enter Colombia with force", said Juan Antonio Santisteban Ortiz, CEO of Labkon. 

"We brought a product that aside from novelty helps to prevent the most frequent gastrointestinal diseases in the whole Colombian population (...) we leave happy because we generate business relationships of great importance, but above all we have the security that it is in spaces like these where we can reach our target audience", revealed Martha Eliana Sabogal, scientific director of Heilessence.

Within the framework of the fair and as part of the great innovative commitment that this year brought the trade show, the 1st Congress of Crespo and Afro Hair was held where the visiting public could see a complete commercial sample with national and international products, attend talks, specialized conferences and catwalks where the latest trends in accessories, turbans, haircuts and hairstyles for the curly people and of our country became known.

"For us, this was the opportunity to include the Afro and curly-haired community in the world of beauty. Many women learned that they can be proud to be the way they are, because they look beautiful with their natural hair without the need of expensive treatments to smooth it. Belleza y Salud 2018 was the stage to give strength to an issue that has not been paid much attention but that is gaining strength", says Marcela Villa Hoyos, CEO of Ponto Brasileiro.

The Esthetic World Congress was also developed, an academic space where the professional could update his knowledge in topics such as: microshading, extension of eyelashes, corrective techniques in areolas, three-dimensional facial recovery and intelligent feeding.

"The Esthetic World Congress was a great experience for our aesthetic visitors. The conferences were developed interactively with the participation of international guests of great experience in the field, which guaranteed knowledge and experience", said Alberto Rodríguez Director of the Esthetic World Congress.

On the other hand, male care today occupies the third place in the consumption of cosmetics in Colombia according to figures from the ANDI. This is how the theme of barbering has taken more force in recent years and this time the third edition of Barber Battle Bogota was held, where the title of Barber Master was disputed and was awarded to Luis Fernando Isaza.

"This year we find a more active participation of the public and professionals in the subject of male beauty. We see how this initiative is positioning itself in the city and the barbering battles were a success, where the public could find not only men, but women, young people and children who also dedicate themselves to barber art. We are very satisfied with the results of Belleza y Salud 2018", said Mauricio Poveda, director of Barber Life.

For its part, within the framework of the business round held on October 3 and 4 in Corferias, with the support of ProColombia and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, spot businesses were closed (at the fair) for USD $ 1,746,400. "We had 43 buyers from the Netherlands Antilles, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay" concludes the Project Manager of the Belleza y Salud trade show.

In the XVII edition of Belleza y Salud visitors, spectators, exhibitors and participants of the fair, ratify that this is undoubtedly the center of trends, innovations and most important update of the industry in Colombia.

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Brasil, China, Italia, España, Alemania, Corea del Sur, Taiwán, Turquía, Andorra, Bulgaria, Perú y México, algunos de los países participantes en la XVII edición de la feria Belleza y Salud.

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