Meet the hair straightening kit to apply at home coming from Spain to Belleza y Salud 2018

27 de septiembre de 2018

  • The product received the Worldwide Innovation 2018 Award.
  • The kit contains 4 products that in just 6 steps leaves the hair straight for 5 months and it is only necessary to apply it once.
  • Beauty Emotions will be present in Hall 3, second level, stand 140.

Bogota, Colombia. September 27 of 2018. - How many women do not want to stop getting up early every day to straighten their hair? To answer this question, Beauty Emotions has created a novel product that can be used in the comfort of home and that leaves the hair straight for 5 months avoiding the work of smoothing it daily or going constantly to the hairdressing salon.

"We have participated in many trade shows in countries such as Italy, China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey and France, but we have never been to South America. It will be the first time we visit Belleza y Salud and we know that this fair can be a good opportunity to expand our business. We will bring to Colombia products of hygiene and body and hair care and, in particular, we will be making known the first hair straightening kit to apply at home of our brand Naturalium", says Eduard Manrique, manager of Beauty Emotions. 

This Spanish company specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of beauty and personal hygiene products. In addition, it has received different awards thanks to its innovation as the product of the year award, which they have received on several occasions.

The straightening kit received the Worldwide Innovation 2018 award, since it contains 4 products that in just 6 steps leaves the hair straight for 5 months and it is only necessary to apply it once.

The pre-smoothed shampoo has flax seed extract and arginine, which helps to open the cuticle and prepare the hair fiber for the smoothing cream.

On the other hand, the cream has multiple benefits such as the plex protein, a unique composition asset specially designed to rebuild and repair the hair structure; hyaluronic acid, which provides hydration and intensive nutrition and returns to the hair its original softness; amino acids complex, a complex of restorative action that acts inside the hair fiber and thanks to the heat of the iron allows a temporary change in the structure of the hair that leaves it smooth.

The post smoothed mask has a formula based on hyaluronic acid, flax seed extract and arginine which are active ingredients for the maintenance of smoothing, as well as repairing and deeply moisturizing.

After finishing the treatment, the post smoothed shampoo helps to keep the effect smooth for a longer time.

"This smoothing treatment at home, in addition to being practical, has the revolutionary and advanced technology: hyalurox system + plex protein + amino acids complex, which is the most innovative in hair care. In addition, it does not contain formaldehyde. We are already in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hungary, Poland and Italy, and we now hope to have a presence in Colombia, a nation that is constantly growing in the beauty industry", concludes Eduard.

After the successful edition of 2017, Corferias and Bologna Fiere Cosmoprof, will join efforts to have a greater international presence at the trade show. Germany, Spain, China, Brazil and Peru are some of the countries that have already confirmed their participation in this edition.

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