Celebrities come together in the biggest celebration around beauty

17 de septiembre de 2018

Bogota, Colombia. September of 2018 - Mary Mendez, Melina Ramirez, Adelaida Lopez, Yuri Vargas, Helga Diaz, Valentina Lizcano and Catalina Aristizabal will be part of the XVII edition of the Belleza y Salud 2018 trade show. Each one from her specialty will talk about tips and recommendations for body care and the face.

Mary, Adelaida, Yuri and Helga will participate with their own cosmetic and healthy eating lines, while Melina, Valentina and Catalina will be special guests of the exhibitors Reyes del Comercio, Regenecare and Khiron.

The trade show, organized by the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá (Corferias), with the support of Procolombia, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and the Chamber of the Cosmetic and Toilet Industry of ANDI, promises to be a complete experience for the professional and the public that wants to know from experts the latest trends, products and services related to one of the most important industries in the country.

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Brasil, China, Italia, España, Alemania, Corea del Sur, Taiwán, Turquía, Andorra, Bulgaria, Perú y México, algunos de los países participantes en la XVII edición de la feria Belleza y Salud.

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