A natural hair, dare yourself too!

13 de septiembre de 2018

Bogota, Colombia. September of 2018 – Bring curly hair, love it and take care of it; it is not a global trend, it is about self-esteem, about breaking paradigms, about acceptance, about empowerment, about love for the natural. "Because the natural, is to be diverse".

Curly hair steals the show, is protagonist, is authentic, and though through history was stigmatized, making girls from women want to change their hair curls for straight hair, generating insecurity and even low self-esteem, the time came to break, to be natural and to be happy, happily curly.

Today's stylists use different techniques to make curls, as well as different therapies to nourish, moisturize and mold the hair and afros, to look natural and impressive hair. Ponto Brasileiro, is a boutique company dedicated to the continuous search of products and services to solve the needs of each woman in the daily care of her hair, her portfolio has been renewed, with brands and products that care for the environment, more natural products, without petrolatum, without sulphates, without parabens.

Pioneers in the importation of specialized products in the care of curly and afro hair. A market with growth and demand that exceeds all prognosis.

"This was a completely unattended market, in which those who are involved started as a hobby. Although what exists is still not enough, it is a beginning. There are places like Brazil, where there are 45 different lines for curly people. They are at the top and we, just beginning", says Adriana Almanza, promoter of Puro Crespo.

The increase in interest for curly hair in recent years has allowed the development of about 1,500 ventures, in different regions, dedicated to market, import and produce this type of items.

Within the framework of the XVII edition of the Belleza y Salud trade show, which will take place from October 3 to 7 in Corferias will be held "Entre Crespos", the 1st Congress of Curly and Afro Hair where the visiting public can see in three days a complete commercial sample with national and international products, attend lectures and specialized conferences, walkways where the latest trends in fashion, accessories and turbans and practical workshops of cutting and combing will be announced.

The event, also, will have the presence of renowned personalities such as the journalist Edna Liliana Valencia, Emilia Valencia, Dr. Beth, "Puro Crespo", "Circle Pelobueno" and the Spanish blogger "Black Flower".

The trade show, organized by the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá (Corferias), with the support of Procolombia, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the Chamber of the Cosmetic and Toilet Industry of ANDI, promises to be a complete experience for the professional and the public that wants to know from experts the latest trends, products and services related to one of the most important industries in the country.

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